Goat, Kittens and Dogs, Oh My! Yoga?


By now, I am sure you have seen Goat yoga or yoga with kittens, etc. being advertised.  So, what’s up with that?  I am going to be honest, I am afraid of goats so hard pass.  That being said, what’s up with this new fad on practicing with animals?

I cannot speak for everyone however, I believe I have found the secret to why this is becoming such a.. “thing”?  Different animals are used for a slew of reasons with people correct?  Animal support/therapy.  I have seen dogs, cats, goats, pigs, mini horses, all able to be registered as some form or another.  Studies have shown reduction in pain and stress through animal therapy.  That being said, insert your yoga practice.  Yoga helps with stress and anxiety as well but, what about those days you get to your mat and you are having the most difficult time quieting your mind.  I have taught classes, specifically to beginners of the practice, that are still learning to quiet their minds and be present.  We have all had long days that effect our mat, I myself am guilty of this.  That is where the animals come in.


As soon as I go to practice and invite my dog, you have never seen such a happy pup.  She is unbelievably playful and brings a lightness to my practice no matter the circumstance.  It is almost as though she is honored to be invited to share my mat.  During my practices with my dog, I cannot help but laugh, smile and let go.  I have brought her to a few classes with other people and the effects are extraordinary.  People cannot get enough!

So, ok maybe don’t run out and sign up for a yoga class with goats if you are going to be terrified the whole time but, maybe just try inviting your pet during your net home practice.  I would love to hear others feedback on this, I am excited for the results!

#yoga #therapy #stress #goatyoga

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