Taking a Moment for Gratitude

img_5838Today, I left my job and decided to walk/jog a bridge nearby with a friend.  We do this quite often or I will practice yoga underneath or read but, today something was different.

Upon getting back over the bridge we came to a fork in the road, one path right back to our lives or the other a scenic way back underneath the bridge before returning.  We both agreed to take the scenic and as we came out I asked if she would mind if we sat on the edge on the sea wall for a bit. 

As we sat along this wall I looked around at everything around me.  This is an amazingly beautiful place that people literally take vacations to.  I watched a boat sail by, a man teach his to son fish off a pier, a women walking with her elderly mother, a girl reading, a bird hunting, and the sun glistening from the water.  And I get to practice yoga here.  I get to walk here, run here.  I read here!  I am able to just sit here.  In that moment I found the utmost gratitude for what the universe has brought my every day.


So often we forget just how much we have to be grateful for.  The universe drops beauty at our feet and we are too caught up in “life” to see just how amazing and lucky we are.  I think of the women in other areas of the world who do not even have the opportunity to practice yoga out in the open like I do.  People who do not have near the blessings I do.

So tonight I will focus my gratitude on things often over looked. 

#Gratitude #Peace #Yogi #Nature

4 thoughts on “Taking a Moment for Gratitude

    1. I couldn’t agree more, as soon as I came across your blog! I knew I needed to follow you because we are on the same wavelength ☺️ Thank you for your kind words! – Amanda

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