Today I sat on my mat, ready for an amazing practice after a bit of a stressful day.  I decided I would use my cards to help set my intention for today’s practice.  The card I chose is pictured above.

For today I forgive myself

Such a simple thing yet, how often do we actually focus and do this.  The world needs forgiveness and that is not just us forgiving others.  We need to forgive ourselves.  Which for many of us is quite difficult and/or overlooked.  So, I turned on my Himalayan Salt Lamp to help the vibes and got to contemplating exactly what the universe was trying to tell me.  By the way if you do not have one or are like what?  I will be sure to have a follow-up post on why I LOVE and recommend these for everyone and every space!!!

I began to flow through my practice and with every breath I made this intention my mantra “For today I forgive myself” , I saw it, I breathed it, and I felt it.  I began to realize just how hard on ourselves we are.  The things I needed to forgive myself, just for today was incredulous.  I would never hold forgiveness from anyone else for these same reasons.  Things I let bother me, I said, I thought, I did.  As I finished and sat in meditation on this intention I came to an enlightenment. 

When I cannot forgive myself, I cannot live a peaceful life.  I will forever be in turmoil.  Forgiving myself opens my soul to peace, love, joy, gratitude, the list goes on.  In turn, I am able to inspire others to achieve the same.  If we want a peaceful world, we must first find peace within ourselves.  So for today, forgive yourself.


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