Unapologetically You

“No one is you, and that is your biggest power” – Dave Grohl

The “norm”. What’s acceptable. What’s likeable.  From the time we are first introduced in this world we begin to realize how to be from what is acceptable.  As we grow, this becomes a lot more of an obsession, for some people more that others however, everyone experiences this to a point.  But, do we really need to go to such extremes.

Some people spend their entire lives trying to be something they are not.  They may get surgery to look just like someone, dye their hair, dress or act like someone they are not.  They may seem like they have it all, as well.  If you ever speak to someone who is finally being themselves, you will hear it a lot in college students, “we finally get to be ourselves here”, you will realize how awful it is.  The amount of energy spent trying to be something we are not because we have been taught that is the only way to be liked or fit in.

I used to be so frustrated that I was so different from everyone.  All I wanted was to fit in and be like everyone else.  The feelings I had towards myself were terrible.  Once I realized that being myself was a truly amazing gift, I became unstoppable.  It still cracks me up when people tell me they love my quirks.  The same quirks I used to hide from people, and wanted to die if they ever snuck out.

So, where exactly am I going with this?  There will NEVER be another soul just like you.  When you stare in the mirror, even the person staring back is NOT just like you.  That is your gift.  The world deserves to meet you, it does not want another replica of someone it’s already met numerous times.  Each individual has something to offer.  Let’s stop spending so much time trying to cover it up.  How can we expect a positive change in the world when we are copying what has already led to such negativity.  Perhaps you will be the positive change that has the butterfly effect on the universe.

Today, in life, work, your practice, wherever, be you.  All of you, unapologetically you.Image result for flowers and butterflies

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