The Root Chakra – Chakra One

Our first chakra is our root chakra and the foundation of our entire system.  It relates to the Earth element and solidity.  It is where the ability of manifestation and survival begin.  This chakra is associated with the color red which has the longest wavelength and slowest vibration.  It’s vortex is our densest of any chakra level.

The root chakra can be found at the based of the spine in affiliation with the coccyx.  Since this chakra relates to solid matter it also relates more specifically to the bones, large intestine and the actual flesh of the body.  Located at the base of the body is it home and resting place of the Kundalini spirit.  This is the serpent goddess who is lying coiled three and one half times around the root chakra.  To awaken Kundalini is to active and connect the chakras.

The purpose of the first chakra is to solidify it’s ground; physical survival.  It is what houses our most primitive instinct such as, flight or fight response and fear.  One way to balance the first chakra would be to face your fears.  The balance of the first chakra is extremely important or we will never have true growth.  Without balance of the first chakra there are no roots, no ground for growth into the following chakras.

Within the first chakra, our ideas, manifestations, become reality by grounding our conscious minds.  Having contact with the Earth and opening the lower chakras becoming present is what grounding entails.  Grounding is a very simplifying force, needed for an over mechanized, urban world.  Since the first is the most simple, as the chakras become more complex as you move up in the systems, the first chakra and grounding implies limits.  Grounding is accepting of the limits in order to manifest.

If you are having trouble balancing your first chakra and grounding, keep simplicity in mind and go back to the basics. Rest, eating, sleeping, these are basic human nature that can help to ground us.  For example, we sleep every night to rejuvenate our bodies.  This is an act of grounding, bringing stillness and rest to our bodies.  If you are not getting enough, you may feel disconnected.  Please feel free to share any feedback or questions you may have either in the comments or personal message!

*Please note this is a very brief synopsis on the first chakra and most of the information I have learned was from Anodea Judith’s amazing book.  I have no affiliation with this book other than, I highly recommend!

Wheels of Life: A User’s Guide to the Chakra System (Llewellyn’s New Age Series)

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