The Sacral Chakra – Chakra Two

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The sacral chakra, chakra two, where our initial solid unity becomes duality, from earth to water.  This is where our stillness becomes movement, as the vortex becomes a bit more complex than the last, with a bit of freedom as well.  Where our first chakra is stillness, looking to hold still and create structure, the second chakra is looking to let go and create movement.

Chakra two is where our awareness and understanding of our self shifts to an awareness of the other.  This awareness of another brings on our sexuality as desire and emotions come to play.  This need to connect with another and grow are those feelings inspired by the second chakra, bringing us change.  A fundamental part of our consciousness is change which causes our attention to focus and awaken, this is what allows us to question.  Since our consciousness thrives on change, if there is not any our minds will dull, there will be no growth or movement.

In Chinese philosophy change is produced by the constant interaction of the two polaric forces, yin and yang.  Yin and Yang are to represent that of masculine and feminine, receptive and creative, heaven and earth, respectively.  This movement of the polarities stimulates our consciousness; the duality is what motivates movement and change within our second chakra.  Movement is what allows time to exist, the universe needs movement.

Chakra two is located in our lower abdomens between our genitals and navel.  Since this chakra corresponds to water, it already relates to liquid bodily functions such as, sexuality, blood circulation, urination and all qualities of water.  Being related to both sexuality and, as stated earlier our emotions and desires, chakra two is our sexuality center.

As mentioned in the previous post, there is a non-physical channel that connects the chakras up through the body.  This is called the Sushumna.  Controlling the yin and yang are two alternating channels called Ida and Pingala, twisting around each chakra in a figure-eight pattern.  These channels are actually amoung thousands of subtle channels of energy that are referred to as nadis.  Ida and Pingala first meet in our first chakra and then again in the sixth chakra.  This movement of the nadis contribute to the spinning of our chakras.

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In order to balance any of our chakras we must open to it’s particular energy however, only to a certain extent.  We must not become overly attached to this feeling, this energy.  For chakra two, that would be that of pleasure.  Pleasure helps our minds and bodies to form better communication.  Allowing us to become more in tune to our senses.  Many of us have a closed off the second chakra due to being taught to be wary of pleasure.  We do not generally allow ourselves enjoyment, despite how minuscule.  We can balance our second chakra simply by taking a long, luxurious bath, getting a massage or sexual pleasure.

Chakra two is quite in depth, particularly with it’s connection to emotions and sexuality.  This is an extremely brief synopsis compared to all there is to learn about this chakra.  I will continued to recommend this amazing read though, I have no affiliation.

Wheels of Life: A User’s Guide to the Chakra System

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