The Solar Plexus Chakra – Chakra Three

Making our way from chakra one, with solidity, roots, the earth, through chakra two with change, emotions, sexuality, water we come into chakra three.  The first three chakras are the trinity of basic principals for our physical bodies and matter.  Chakra three is also known as the sacral chakra where the element of fire is ignited.  Moving through to enlighten our conscious, emerge from the unconscious and find our will.  Putting together matter and movement creates this third state of energy.

The third chakra takes the passive elements water and earth and transforms them into energy and power, fire.  This chakra is transformation.  It is the fire of our will that propels us to move up through all seven chakras.  Initially in the third chakra we are to overcome inertia.  Our will combines force of movement and stillness, water and earth, shaping each other.  Holding and moving the will directs actions and shapes our world.  Overcoming inertia enough to easily produce energy activates our third chakra producing power.  Fire destroys form and releases energy.

The third chakra can be found in the solar plexus, over our adrenal glands, the naval.  This is our fiery solar chakra, associated with bring us light, energy, warmth and power.  This is our action, will, our vitality.  It rules over our metabolism and regulates the distribution of our metabolic energy.  An easy was to assess the health and openness of the third chakra is to examine the structure of the solar plexus, navel area.  You can also analyze from an element standpoint, in association with fire and how your body tends to regulate.

This chakra is known as the Minpura, lustrous gem, shining bright just like the fiery sun.  Fire, the spark of life, is what ignites our will into action.  The spark between Shiva and Shakti, and the power lying between polarity, and the power of life, vitality.  Fire and the third chakra are also the power of connection, the ability for our bodies to combine with the elements that are around us.  This chakra, fire, radiant and active, means the yang is active.  Fire takes fuel to prosper, withdrawing from life causes this third system to close, leaving no fuel for our fire.  Being in touch with our first two chakras allows fuel for our fire.

To develop and pass through into the next chakra, our concept of what power is needs to be redefined into a power that enhances, strengthens and is empowering.  We must empower others both individually and as a whole.  Supporting each other rather than at the expense of others to gain power.  Power comes for unity and coming together, true strength.

In our last chakra, we were met with duality and choices, making choices gives birth to our will.  Will is how we overcome our lower chakra’s inertia, causing the much needed spark igniting the flames of our power.  We cannot have personal power without will.  Our will is the realization that we are in control of how we handle situations despite not being able to control the situation presented to us.  We decide what to do with it.  Once our flames, our fire have been lit they are much easier to maintain.  Kundalini rises to the third chakra and kindles this fire; she begins to burn and destroy physical impurities and impulses.  It is through developing the will that we engage this chakra, and acknowledging when it is appropriate to yield our will that passage beyond this chakra occurs.

In the end, this chakra is built of our self-esteem, coming from our power, self-discipline, will.  Self-esteem is the foundation needed to open the fourth chakra, our heart and relationships.

A few simple poses to develop our third chakra are bow pose or pike pose.  You could also practice the breath of fire, a breathing technique that is very rapid with great strength from the diaphragm.

Once again we have only just begun to scratch the surface of this chakra and I highly recommend (though I have no affiliation) the book below.

Wheels of Life: A User’s Guide to the Chakra System

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