The Heart Chakra – Chakra four

Moving from our fiery solar plexus we turn towards our warm centers and the central point of our chakra system.  Our core is also our spiritual center, uniting both below and above forces.  The purpose of the fourth chakra is to unite and balance all aspects of our being.  As we move up from the previous chakras, combining matter with spirit, Shiva and Shakti meet united in our hearts; this chakra’s center is love.  Vishnu and Lakshmi, the Preservers, are the force which hold life together.  They are the form of Shiva and Shakti ruling over the middle of our lives binding life together.  Within this chakra love is simply a state of being.  True love from the heart is infinite and enduring.

The fourth chakra can be found in the cardiac plexus, ruling over not just our hearts but our lungs and thymus glands respectively.  The Sanskrit name for this chakra is Anahata and relates to the air element.  Representing freedom and openness, this chakra is accepting.  Air is also related to our breath, which keeps us alive.  This chakra requires balance and understanding, moving beyond our egos.

Love unites.  Its draws things together, into relationships.  Surpassing our egos and boundaries we put in place for ourselves, we merge to create love.  In offering love it is easier to accept love.  We begin to love ourselves, and to have acceptance of ourselves through love.  Opening our fourth chakra allows us to share the energy that is love.  This allows us to view the world as a unified whole, instead of all that separates us and makes us different.  Hindering us from opening our fourth chakra is fear.  This can cause restriction of energy flow through our upper and lower chakras. 

Our fourth chakras are yin, and the most accepting.  Through our heart chakra and love we find our center and reason for being.  We begin to see that we do not need to find connection, we are all already connected through relationships extending all throughout our lives.  Love connects us all as one.  Bringing forward the difference between chakra three and four, awareness.  We become aware of the binding force of love, weaving a web of relationships connecting the world.  We must find balance in relationships with our own individuality and love, between what we receive and what we put out.  Love continues to grow as it is received.

Opening our fourth chakra also opens our healing channels of the body.  Love, a compassionate, caring energy also sends the impulse to want to heal.  This makes the heart chakra our healing center.  A simple task of assisting someone in need is assertion of our fourth chakra.  Radiating love as we open our heart chakra is what brings forward true healing.

As stated before, air is the element related to our fourth chakra and is also notably to most rapidly distributed throughout the body and body systems.  With every breath we nourish our bodies, including the system of the heart, the circulatory system.  Unfortunately, due to poor habits most of us do not breath properly but instead short shallow breaths.  Being one of the few things our bodies can do both voluntary and involuntary, we are able to heal and help our bodies, clear and calm the mind through the practice of breath.

To open this chakra, like the last, Breath of Fire is a great tool.  My personal favorite is to practice “chest openers”, a set of poses in your yoga practice that are meant to open your chest and focus your breathing.  Cobra pose is a great heart or chest opener and if it is in your practice, so is Camel pose.  These poses can be quite intense as they may open up a lot of feelings very quickly, you may not have been prepared for.


As stated in all the previous posts on the chakra system, they are extremely complex, with much more to learn.  We have only just begun and I highly recommend, though have no affiliation, the book below.  It gave me the utmost insight into the system as well as, is the reason I myself fell in love with them.

Wheels of Life: A User’s Guide to the Chakra System

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