The Throat Chakra – Chakra Five

We have now made it to our fifth chakra, our throat chakra which also brings us to something that is crucial not only to the world but to our bodies. Communication.  Not only do we need communication in the world but we also need it for our bodies to function.  Our body systems perform through communication whether or not we notice.  Communication also connects the world.  This chakra is thought to be relative to our creativity and how we express ourselves through sound.  We receive and transmit information via our fifth chakra.

As we move higher into our chakra system we continue to move beyond the physical realm.  This is our first level beyond physical.  The more we move into the next levels the less boundaries there are between them.  To get to unity we must make connections consciously.  Communication is an example of the connection, uniting us, our bodies and our chakras.

Our throat chakra is located in the neck and shoulder region.  The color pertaining to the chakra is blue, not a deep indigo blue that is associated with the sixth chakra, but a bit lighter/royal.  In Sanskrit it is referred to as Visuddha which is purification.  In order to open our fifth chakra we must obtain a certain level of purification in our bodies.  Sounds, with their vibrations in all matter, are purifying by nature.  Ether is the element that is associated with this chakra and this is the last of the chakras to have an element associated.  It is within this chakra that our awareness becomes so apparent to perceive vibrational fields, the etheric plane.  Ether can be seen as the world of vibrations, the spirit realm.  Being as there are no other elements beyond this chakra, the spirit realm can be associated with our top three chakras.

Our fifth chakra must be so in tune to our consciousness that it is also in tune to the ether, the vibrational fields around us, in order to be entered.  The more we practice to enter our fifth chakra the more we begin to perceive these vibrational messages.  Vibrations are present throughout all forms of matter, energy and the conscious.  As we begin to climb up each chakra, the vibrational fields are thought to intensify at a higher more efficient level.  There is not a living thing out there that can escape these vibrational rhythms.  Our hearts are our conductors of our internal rhythms, perpetuating themselves.  The vibrations we carry from our hearts to our minds effect ourselves and everything else around us.

That being said, when two vibrations, two sound waves are on a similar frequency and lock into each other they become in resonance.  Eventually, if two vibrations are near enough to one another, eventually they will resonate.  This can be said for people and their vibrations as well.  Living with someone your vibrations can begin to resonate with each other.  This is also where mantra meditation comes into play.  Thoughts have been said that if enough people gather and create the vibrations of brain rhythm brought on by mantra meditation it can affect the world.  There have been studies to support this theory showing that in a city where a large group gathered to mantra meditate together, there was less crime during that time.

Each chakra has its own sound associated with it.  These sounds are referred to as seed sounds or bija mantra, the sounds believed to control the essence of a particular chakra represented by the letter at the center of that chakra.  It is thought that through this essence, this mantra, one can alter, create, destroy that object.  Mantras are something that can only be experienced within and take time to become truly effective.  The value of this mantra has to do with what you put into it.

Communicating beyond the five senses, through space and time is known as telepathy.  Once you have developed your fifth chakra greatly, you are able to access this type of communication.  Refining our chakras quiets the mind and it thoughts making it easier for us to become aware of the vibrations within our energy fields.  It is all already there however, it is our minds we need quiet.

Exercises for the fifth chakra include shoulder stand, plough pose as well as fish pose.  Stretching of the neck is great for the fifth chakra and even neck rolls can be very beneficial.

As we continue to move up the chakra system, the chakras begin to get more complex.  We are only just going over the basics and I highly recommend the book below for a beautifully written, in-depth version of each chakra.  I have no affiliation other than this book changed my practice and my life.

Wheels of Life: A User’s Guide to the Chakra System

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