The Third Eye Chakra – Chakra Six

With chakra six we move well beyond the physical.  The third eye, our brow chakra, sees past the physical world.  Through sight we are able to take in all around us, every bit of overwhelming and vast information that we are surrounded by.  Sight is the function associated with chakra however, it is not just sight of the outer world, but sight from within as well.  Our memories are built mostly from sight, with our memories from sight we are able to recall the images associated.  We are able to transcend time, bring back past and perceive the images in our minds.  Ajna is Sanskrit for the sixth chakra and means “to perceive”.  This chakra is located in the center of our heads, eye level.  The third eye is a psychic organ, beyond this world, able to see beyond.  Since it is such a big part of sight, light is associated with this chakra.

At the level of the sixth chakra, the vibrations we endure are much more rapid than that of sound.  It is at this level we experience the electromagnetic spectrum the is perceived as light visible to us.  It is light that our conscious perceives directly.  Ajna transcends time with the speed of light, for at the speed of light time ceases to exist.  Light is viewed pertaining to the frequency for which it travels.  As in the color we perceive based off the lights frequency.  Red light moves at a slower frequency, blue moves at a much higher frequency producing a current.

As we just went over, we perceive light through color.  Slower, lower colors, at one end of the spectrum, reds, oranges, yellows.  Fast, higher frequency colors, at the other end of the spectrum, greens, blues, violets.  Excitation or de-excitation of an atom’s electron produces the light we see, a photon.  This can be compared to the colors pertaining to our chakras, are the frequencies only get higher, the higher you climb in the system.  This is not to say that it is the only way to view the chakras.  It should also be understood that these colors are pertaining to a fully developed chakra system.

If you would like to get an idea of your chakras, there are a few excises you could try such as, reviewing the colors you surround yourself with in life.  What colors do you decorate your house with, wear all the time, gravitate towards when shopping.  You could also bring more of one color around that pertains to a chakra you feel lacking.  Perhaps visualizing greens, wearing them, to help open and balance your throat chakra.

As stated in the beginning of this post, that for those with sight, most of our information and memories come from sight.  The beauty of visual information is there is no need for the physical, these patterns communicate through spatial relations.  The eyes are the vehicles for which these patterns, light, information is brought to our minds.  It is truly our minds that are doing the putting together of the patterns and what they mean, making memories.  In reality, we are seeing light emitted by objects based off their frequencies.

At the sixth chakra the most notable would be the first real development of psychic abilities.  Seeing clearly through clairvoyance, timeless information.  We must have all chakras open to be able to have a clear mind to see the world as a whole.  The third eye is where we see beyond the physical, we see mentally.  We can retrieve images and see them through the third eye without them being in front of us.  If someone asked you to describe your favorite toy as kid, you could recall details back and even see it in your mind, without having seen it in years.  Making the transcendence of time possible in this chakra.  The more you develop this technique and your third eye, the more you develop clairvoyance.

A few great exercises to strengthen this chakra are through meditation, or color meditating.  The more your practice these skills the more successful you will become.

This chakra is amazing and so much deeper than we covered above!  I once again recommend the amazing book below to open all of your eyes.  I have no affiliation other than my own personal review.
Wheels of Life: A User’s Guide to the Chakra System

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