The Crown Chakra – Chakra Seven

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We have made our way up the seven chakras to the thousand-petaled lotus that is our crown chakra.  Representing the ruling principle of life, and bringing us to divine intelligence, the source of all manifestations.  Referring to the infinite unfolding of the lotus petals, the crown chakra in Sanskrit is Sahasrara which is thousandfold.  Reaching this chakra represents the seed of our souls, sprouting from our roots in chakra one, through each element of the chakras till we reach consciousness itself.  The more we begin to open this chakra the more we achieve infinite awareness and enlightenment.  Associated with this chakra is thought and the function of Sahasrara, knowing.  We carry the universe in our minds, from experience, to what we make of it.  Reaching Sahasrara takes us away from the physical world with its limitations.  Here we have the most versatility and the most liberation of any of the chakras.  Sahasrara has been explained in many different ways however, despite how others convey this level of awareness, it is not truly something that can be described, it must be experienced.

Though each of our chakras is a different manifestation of the conscious mind, with chakra one relating to Earth and being the most dense, the seventh chakra, thought, is the least dense.  It is the purusha, pure, unmanifested consciousness.  Where we begin to ask questions within.  Questioning the possession of our own consciousness is to witness our own awareness.  The consciousness is a limitless phenomenon, capable of so much.  Built and housing everything from experience to thoughts and belief systems.  With all of this information comes the meaning to the self.  It is the meaning that can be seen as the purpose of the crown chakra.  At this level we meet again with Shiva and Shakti, their eternal dance of our conscious, manifest and liberate.

The crown chakra experiences two types of consciousness, cognitive and transcendent.  Our cognitive is responsible for storing information, thinking, reasoning.  It can be seen as a limited awareness.  The transcendent form on the other hand is the result of opening the awareness.  Without focusing on any one object or oneself, it floats beyond the physical.

Within our minds we have built our own sort of matrix based upon information we hold in our minds.  With each new experience we create a new meaning based upon it.  These blocks make up our matrix.  The belief systems, the personal matrix, can become so strong, they can limit beliefs from new information.  A person with very strong beliefs, matrix, will instantly deny a new thought or piece of information if it goes against their personal beliefs, despite facts.  For example, people who deny history that has been proven through documentation because that is not what their schools taught them.  I met a kid who truly believed the Holocaust never happened.  It hurt my heart but, that is what he was taught and he was not willing to believe something outside his belief system.  So how do we open our crown chakras, open our awareness, beyond our belief systems, without getting totally overwhelmed?  Meditation.

The seventh chakra is that middle ground in the universe.  That point in between in all.  We discussed the two types of conscious, cognitive and transcendent.  This also creates a spiritual state which are complimentary yet different, transcendent and immanent.  One brings us manifestation as it descends, the other liberation in opposite motion.  The greatest obstacle of this chakra is attachment which is formed by limitations.  To let go and clear, open our minds, allows a clean channel for transcendence.  Transcendence brings us liberation by freeing us of the ego and its attachments.  This allows the awareness of the divine within through immanence.  Transcendence and immanence compliment each other.  Bringing forth our inspiration, intelligence, connection, power and ultimately manifestation.  The liberating current brings forth our enjoyment.

Meditation is the best way to open and develop our seventh chakra, beyond all else.  Meditation unlocks the world within, cleaning our minds.  Aligning our chakras and creating a wholeness within the body comes unity.  Meditation, while it may be a state of rest for the body, allows our attention and awareness to increase.  By stimulating our minds, it is thought that meditation can heal the split between our old and new brain.  This can also aid in cognitive and perceptual abilities between the two.  There is no effort with meditation, just a state of mind, a state of being.  While there are many different techniques out there for meditation, there is not one that is better than the other.  Each way has a different effect on each person, as no two people are the same.  The importance lies in the greatness of the effect and how well it is used.

Now for the process of enlightenment.  By taking down our mental walls we can begin to achieve enlightenment.  All paths through our chakras must be complete before enlightenment can begin to occur within us.  This again, is a unity within the body.  Once here, at the last of our chakras, do we find the beginning through enlightenment.

As stated quite a bit throughout this post, meditation is a great way to open and strengthen this chakra.  There are many different types of meditation however, finding the one that is right for you and your body is key.

The complexity of the seventh chakra is vast.  Scratching the surface here, I recommend diving deeper via the book listed below.  I have no affiliation however, this book opened my eyes and mind.  It is the reason I fell in love with the chakra system and how I came to incorporate it into my practice.

Wheels of Life: A User’s Guide to the Chakra System

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