Creating Your Yoga Space

What is a yoga space and why should you have one?  I feel this question could be answered in many different ways depending on who you are speaking to.  Let’s go over the barebones to make that space, whatever you think it should be, the basics to make it your yoga space.

Starting with why a yoga space is important.  To me, it would be the same response as to why having a bedroom is important.  Where we live we cook, we clean, we may do some work, take care of children, pay our bills, and many other things that cause a bit of stress.  If you were to work from home and do it in your bed, then sit and pay all your bills from the bed, eat your dinner in your bed, eventually, that space is no longer the nice relaxing place you go to lay your head each night and forget all the woes of the day.  This is the same for your yoga space.  It should be a nice relaxing space, away from all the stressors in the world, it should be the space you go to clear your mind, practice, meditate, and let everything go.

That being said, there are some items I have ensured are in my yoga space wherever I am living.

Yoga mat – HAHA! I could not resist, I hope you already had this one in your mind.  A little deeper though, I actually own more than one mat.  The mat in my yoga space rarely leaves.  I prefer it to be like a piece of furniture, you do not bring your bed to a hotel.  I do not bring my yoga space mat to a class, it belongs in my space, holding on to that feeling in the space.

Plants – Plants give us oxygen, they are life, bringing bright positivity and clean air, your first chakra will thank you as you ground down with nature.  Personally I have plants that I am less likely to.. kill.. but, the choice is yours.  I have a cactus named Earl, a beautiful aloe plant named Jade and an orchid.

Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp – Discussed in a previous post, this lamps loves sucking up my anxiety and sending me good vibes.  These simple little beauties promote positivity, increase your relaxation and calm (goodbye anxiety!), have been known to aid in headache relief, and so much more.  They are also good to promote clean air, just like plants so, plus.
Candles/Incense – Everyone is into different things so, if you do not like incense then, do not burn incense!  But, then, light a relaxing candle.  Scents are known to aid in relaxation and some days during your practice, when your anxiety is amped up, you may need that little something extra.  Or, during a morning practice, when the sun is just coming up, I prefer to practice with just my lamp and a few candles.  Sometimes your body needs relaxing light, give you body what it wants.

Bolster or Yoga Blanket – I personally have both but, if you are just getting your space set up you may choose what speaks to you.  These props help for relaxation, a place to meditate.  A bolster especially, aids in alignment of the spine, helping in meditation as well as making it easier for your Sushumna to travel through the chakras.  The one shown below is nice, similar to the one I have, with buckwheat fill, has a removable machine washable case and comes in different patterns.

In the end your space is your space.  It should be relaxing.  A sacred, chill place you can come to.  Sometimes I paint in mine, it’s just my second chakra opening up I suppose.  Either way this space is where I go to soothe my mind, kill my anxiety, release my mind from depression.  It is my space.  Have you found yours?

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