Meditation for the Anxious

I have gone back and forth with a few of you on meditation, anxiety, depression, chronic pain or illness so, I thought I would share.  All these things effect us mentally, physically and socially.  Sometimes getting comfy and opening the mind is just not plausible when the walls are closing in around you, your insides are being ripped out or you cannot even get out of bed.  Here is some styles of meditation I use to knock out whatever just won’t leave.

Vibrational meditation – I may have made that term up but that’s how I refer.  If you followed the study into the chakra systems with me, you may remember going over in chakra six vibrations and transcendence.  We all have internal vibrations and sometimes depending on what’s going on, say anxiety, they may be all out of whack, vibrating higher and sending everything in our bodies to match.  How can we counter act this if we are pretty sure we can’t breath and everyone hates us?  I use a Tibetan Singing BowlIf you have never used or seen one, they have videos on YouTube however, you will not get the same effect.  I just recommend watching to get an idea.  When you make the bowl sing, and it sings so beautifully, it sets a vibration that you cannot stop from going through you.  Transcendence.  Your body will match this vibration, it cannot help it, its overwhelming in a good way.  I instantly feel my mind and body let go and bask in the amazing feeling and sound.

Focused Mantra Meditation – Now, focused meditation was generally a Buddhist practice, focusing moment by moment of breathing or using a metronome.  This just goes one step further for anyone who’s been in too much pain or is too freaking sad to focus.  I start by writing a mantra, a short mantra.  I write it over and over and over, reading it every time I write it.  Focusing on how I am writing it, how I am saying it, feeling it.  Something like, “I will let go”.  So short, so simple but, the act of writing and saying, it makes it physical and real.  I will use pretty colored pens and not let myself stop till I get through at least a page.  Generally by that point, I am calm enough to move forward.

While there are so many styles of meditation out there, people tend to focus only on sitting down and expecting their mind to clear.  Sometimes, we need to help our bodies and minds get there.  Balancing of our chakras is a great tool as well.  Have a beautiful, relaxing day and check out a singing bowl!  I fell in love with mine and had to have more, they all have different sounds.

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