Your Yoga Body

Forgive me if I am just too blunt but, I see a lot of “get a yoga body” ads/videos whatever out there and I think it is time we are all honest for a minute.  For one, if you think yoga is just about looking smoking hot your practice needs a revamp and some insight behind yoga.  That being said, we are not all the same.  We are not all meant to look the same.  Please do not for one moment think that you cannot practice yoga because you do not look like the girl in the yoga clothes ad.

Now, as you begin to practice will your body change?  YES!  But please, open your mind, do not focus on the physical change and how quickly you can “get a yoga body”.  The most amazing thing that practicing yoga has done for me is open my mind.  Change how I think, see, treat people, treat myself, so much beyond the physical.  I recommend looking into the previous posts on the chakra systems, they are a nice little glimpse in the beauty you can unwrap within your practice.

Yoga body by the way, can be anyone’s body.  The beauty behind yoga and it’s practice is ANYONE can.  Any age, size, shape, gender, etc.  If you do not believe me, look into it.  There are amazing ladies and gentlemen out there who are older, younger, larger, or smaller than you are and they have an amazing practice. 

Let’s move beyond this new fad.  Let’s lift fellow yogis up for being amazing and inspiring!

There is no picture.  Because I do not have a photo that covers every. yoga. body.

Namaste 🙂

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