Setting an Intention

Depending on where you are at within your own practice and study of yoga you may or may not have heard of intention setting.  So, what exactly is intention setting and what does it mean for your practice?  For everyone, I am sure, this answer varies however, here is a bit of insight from my own personal experience.

Setting an intention brings a focus to your practice.  A way to bring your mind back when it starts to wander.  As a sufferer of anxiety setting an intention in my practice has had a very positive effect on my practice.  Bringing me back present and focusing on the intention set forth leaves very little room for me to worry.  If ever you feel your mind start to wander or anxiety rears its worrisome head, turn inward and visualize the intention you set.

Having set an intention for your practice also aids in meditation.  Allow that intention to become your mantra.  Let this mantra bring you to that meditative state in with no room for distraction.  Focusing, repeating, seeing your intention, letting it resonate through you.  As we went over with the chakra systems, everything, including our chakras, vibrate.  Resonating through us, the vibration of our intention, has a great effect on our bodies and minds.  Generally, this is thought to be the easiest form of meditation and will allow you to focus on your intention and apply it throughout the rest of your day.

Setting an intention is meant to carry off of our mats, throughout our day.  It takes our practice beyond the physical, to the mental, and into our lives.

Unsure where to begin when setting an intention?  Or perhaps you just cannot focus that day let alone set an intention?  Here are some cute cards that are the perfect tool.  Sometimes I prefer to use intention setting cards if my anxiety is just too high or perhaps I am experience physical pain, anytime I may not be able to focus I place the card on the edge of my mat.

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    1. No matter the age, all in what you feel and what you do! ☺️ You are correct I was reading on intention setting for my crystals and mala.

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