This Is Yoga, It Is NOT That Serious.

If you have not noticed, I post a lot of my yoga practice with my dog, Coco.  Quite often I am asked how I stay so serious or am able to concentrate with Coco in my way.  Let’s ALL slow down a moment.  If you are just starting your practice or your 50+ years in with a master guru, it is yoga, it is not that serious.

Coco is the best part of my practice.  Many of you may be right, I cannot stay serious with her on my mat and sometimes I do lose concentration.  These are my favorite parts!  I work a full-time job, I am serious all day.  I have anxiety and depression and chronic illness and I do not want to be serious all the time!  I want to lose concentration because why am I still festering on what someone meant by something they said earlier or anything else nutty.

Your yoga practice is just that.  Your practice.  Do not let anyone tell you what it should be.  Certainly do not let them fool you into thinking they have the best practice or that you cannot have fun on your mat.  When I practice, I like to practice with my dog.  She makes me laugh even if I wanted to scream or cry all day long.  She allows me to let go and open my mind which is just what I want to achieve through my practice.  She grounds me when I need to be grounded.

I encourage you this week to take a step to lighten your practice and see how it affects you and your meditation after.  It can be in any way you would like, add music if you do not play anything, switch up your music to something you would not usually play during your practice but that you enjoy, invite your furry friend on your mat and soak up that feeling.  What ever you choose to do I hope you have a moment where you cannot help but laugh and forget all about your troubles.

This is yoga, it is not that serious.

Namaste 🙂

27 thoughts on “This Is Yoga, It Is NOT That Serious.

      1. In my country vr forgetting our greatest glorious past like Vedas, Upanishads, Yoga, Kamasutra, Ayurveda and ppl frm other countries r accepting, learning, practicing our things willingly.
        V bcm more educated and more idiot


  1. Great post! I definitely agree, yoga should be a positive experience for you; in whatever way. If you needed to laugh that’s great, if you just needed to smile that’s great, too. No one should tell you what you do is wrong.

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