Mood Shifts and Dark Clouds

Sitting in my office, I am in a good mood.  Today is going well, I am breezing through on my happy little cloud when the world shifts.  I feel it before I see it.  The dark grey cloud plops down in front of me, sucking the life from the room.  I try to brighten them however, I am unsuccessful.  When they finally blow by I am sad.  I do not know why I am sad, I was so happy a moment ago.  Now I am anxious and sad, I need to get out of here.  I cancel my plans with my friend and go home.  I look at my boyfriend and tell him my anxiety is high and I am sad, I cannot cook dinner.  I am tired, my head hurts and I just need to lay down.  He asks me why but, I have no answer.

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For a long time I had no idea why this happens to me without notice.  One day after an amazing goddess circle full of yoga, meditation and crystal bowls, I was discussing this with one of the girls who informed me I am an Empath and this is typical.  An empath is someone who feels the moods of others intuitively and is affected by the energies they put off. 

My next post we will dive deeper into what being an empath actually means.  We will also take a look at how it may affect those of us with depression and anxiety in a different way.

8 thoughts on “Mood Shifts and Dark Clouds

    1. Excellent question! That would be different than an empath, which is was this is depicting. The next post goes into detail as to what exactly am empath is.

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