What is an Empath?

Empath, an ability to feel other people’s moods, emotions, literally the energy with which they are putting off.  Within their own bodies they feel what is going on in others.  It can be exhausting and overwhelming. 

The reason this can become so overwhelming is when there are too many people around.  Say you are in a large crowd, as an empath you do not choose whose energy you will absorb.  In a sense, you have all these different moods, and energies thrown at you and your mind is trying to sort through.

I personally try to stay away from large groups, I will limit how long I am with one as well.  Ever heard the term “Energy Vampire”?  Of the story from yesterday’s post Mood Shifts and Dark Clouds , the dark cloud would be the energy vampire, completely sucking the good energy.  This can be toxic to an empath, throwing them into depression and anxiety.

Much of the time, as an empath, you may find yourself trying to assist others in trouble or pain.  Friends who are having issues, or giving food to someone asking.  This is of course being a great person however, too much can be just that.  Listening to your friend and trying to solve their issues can in turn throw your energy off.

Nature is an empath’s home.  If you look through my photos or read through different posts you will see I spend a lot of time outside and prefer to practice yoga with my dog.  Nature does not just ground us, for an empath it restores you.

Essentially, you want balance as an empath.  Mediation, especially outside, after an exhausting day or interaction can do just that. 

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