Yoga Class Review & Proof You Can Practice Anywhere

Out back of a local brewery, in Sarasota, Florida, on their lawn, while puppies play and people meet for a drink, there is a yoga class.  It meets every Wednesday and the turn out is amazing.  String lights going from tree to tree, the sun dropping down and the cool air blowing through.  My yoga mat in the grass, surrounded by amazing yogis and good vibes.


This is something that one of my favorite yoga teachers in this area puts on every week.  A lot of people seem to be under the impression that the studio makes the space but that’s not true at all.  This is a beautiful spot, out in nature, and the yogi next to you is the icing.

If you are ever in this area her name is “Yoga Meg”, google her, you’ll find her.  I was drawn to her the moment I met her, her teaching style and vibes are beautiful.  She puts this particular class on at JDubs Brewery and it’s perfect.  Did I mention they give you 10% off your beer if you are there for yoga?


So, what made me bring this up?  Because it is proof that if you have the vibes, you can practice yoga ANYWHERE.  It is beautiful.  Every so often on here I will be somewhere new reviewing a class I took that I just cannot keep to myself!  Next month I will be in Seattle, Washington checking out a class.  If anyone has somewhere particular to practice or an instructor please share, I am happy to check it out and I love reviews for my fellow yogis!

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