Private Yoga Classes

Ever tried a private yoga class or thought about looking into one?  Private yoga classes offer amazing benefits for yogis on all different levels.  A friend of mine was talking to me after we took a class together about how much he appreciated me taking the time to ensure he was in a pose safely.  While we were taking a class, not instructed by myself, I was happy to watch my friend did not hurt himself.  When teaching classes teachers try to ensure that their students are going in and out of poses safely.  That being said, especially in larger classes, it is not easy to ensure that 100% of the time every student is doing so.

Later that week, my friend asked if I would mind doing a private session with him once a week.  He appreciated the special attention during the class and felt the benefits. Private yoga classes have extreme benefits to each individual.  I personally love teaching privately, as a teacher I get to know my student on a deeper level, I can see just where they may need more attention and care tailor everything specific to their body and mind’s need.  This means they will get more out of their practice.

As a student, getting a private class may mean deepening your practice, focusing on specific injuries, or focusing on areas that are lacking more than the rest of your body.  Whatever you feel is missing in your class or that you would like more of, is exactly what you can get out of private instruction.  I had a student who felt tired all the time, and physical pain in their body, they did not like going to a class because the poses were very difficult for them, they had very limited mobility.  I sat up every night before our sessions in the morning and put together exactly what they could benefit from.  We discussed how they felt going into a pose, during each pose and after our sessions ended.  This then allowed me to tailor our next class together.

Private yoga classes can benefit everyone.  They are that extra TLC for you and your practice.  They benefit whether you are a student or a teacher.  Try just one hour with a private instructor and tell me how you feel.  If you are looking for an instructor in your area who teaches privately, ask around your local studio or other yogis.  If you are visiting Florida or see I will be visiting where you live and would like a private yoga class, send me an email.  I am in Washington December 1st.

Namaste 🙂

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