Thank Your Body

When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive – to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.  – Marcus Aurelius

Have you thanked your body today?!  No.  Seriously.  Have you?  Our bodies do SO much for us throughout the day, bringing air into our bodies and separate the oxygen, pumping it through and expelling out what we do not need.  Our brains allowing us to wake up and firing synapses off bringing awareness of the world around us and it’s beauty.  Taking in nourishment and breaking it down, sending it to each place in our body that needs it.  Our bodies do so much without being asked, without us even giving it a thought.

A beautiful Saturday morning, outside in the grass with my dog, Coco, a steady breeze and the air just cool enough.  As we practice and flow through this magical yogi morning I make my way to flying high in crow prose.  Focused and proud for a split second I look as Coco chases a bug, THUD.  I peel my face off the grass, mostly stunned as Coco comes trotting over.  As I pick the blades of grass off I realize I am bleeding.  My bottom front teeth, now slightly pushed back, have a split straight down the gum line, trickling blood down my throat.  Frustration.  I am so frustrated with myself and my body.  We were feeling so good, I gave my body a good breakfast and my yoga practice that morning was simply blissful up until the moment I ate dirt…

So often we forget everything our bodies do for us and become frustrated with them.  Each day is a new day, in a new place and we cannot expect the same thing from our bodies as yesterday.  Once I got past my bloody face and mouth, I laughed at how silly I was being.  Instead I was proud that after such a long flow I was able to get into crow on this pretty day, surrounded by nature.

Through your yoga practice, honor your body and thank it.  After all, is it not for body and mind?  Perhaps you will be surprised where your body takes you when you it feels such love.

9 thoughts on “Thank Your Body

  1. I agree here. We tend to forget just how precious this ONE vehicle is, that is here to carry us through our days. An attitude of gratitude towards our body should be cultivated. I was imagining your practice as I was reading and then bam! Eating dirt, lesson learnt 😀 Really enjoyed this post! Have a fantastic week ahead!

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