Meditation for Depression

I do not want to get out of bed.  I do not want to open the curtains.  Willing rain this way, with all its wondrous gloom.  The thought of the day and what it has to bring only intensifies these feelings as I burrow under my blankets.  I cannot even get up to go to the bathroom, then I will have to face a being in the  mirror.

I crawl out of my cocoon because I know Coco needs to go out.  I must at least be a good enough mommy to walk her.  As I drag myself back inside I make my way to my yoga mat.  I do not have the energy to flow.  I barely have energy to sit up.  I set my Tibetan Singing Bowl before me and resonate with its beautiful vibrations.  I choose my mantra and meditate.

It’s like the sun burning up all the storm clouds and shining bright inside of me.  Focusing not on the outside world but within.  Meditation takes the focus away from that which is holding me in a dark place.  If you have never tried meditation for depression or anxiety, I highly recommend it.  You do not need to go anywhere, or have anything or look a certain way, you just need to have a focus.  Meditation for the Anxious goes over a couple options for meditation even when the whole world is shouting in your ear.  Meditation has done more for me than any medication and there are plenty of statistics out there to share this data.  We just need to quiet everything, no?  The shouting, the screaming, the insults, no matter what is going on in that head of yours, meditation can draw you inward and quiet your mind like no other.  Try it.  Let me know what you think!  I would love to hear your thoughts 🙂

Also, check out an amazing person I met via the magical internet on this exact topic, he has quite amazing posts on the matter, Jacob Quirke.

17 thoughts on “Meditation for Depression

  1. Can you take part in this big initiative with a small step by ~

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    I just want to help deprssed people even in smallest way I can and also to many people who do not suffer depression want to make them understand what comforts a sould which is depressed and how it finds solace and peace.

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  2. I myself underwent severe depression for 4 long years and I am out of it now by Showing immense faith in myself, Self Belief is the word. I am stronger than ever now and I have developed spine of steel now. I want to fight for a “Global and Noble Cause” now – Depression and all its related forms maybe mood swings, anxiety disorder, Schezophrenia, Dementias, Bipolar Disorder ans so many others.

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  3. I just want to help depressed people even in smallest way I can and also to many people who do not suffer depression want to make them understand what comforts a sould which is depressed and how it finds solace and peace.

    One Small Step by Human can go on to change the enitre Humanity;

    I will be humbled and honoured if you support my cause.

    Can you help me in this “GLOBAL AND NOBLE CAUSE” of mine?


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  4. Love this post! Since, I have been following you…yoga and mediation has been apart of my morning routine. I cant say it’s a remedy but, it helps me get ready for my day with positive energy.

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  5. Beautifully Written. Budha embraces every single ounce of spirituality, there is really nothing beyond Budha ..When I say Budha, I mean the teachings , not the individual.

    At this note I too would like to share my very recent article on Meditation because there are certain things that you write not for acknowledgement but to reach maximum people.

    Here it goes

    #AnsweringTheUnanswered #Meditation

    While I am certainly not a spiritual Guru and definitely not an enlightened being , but I have every reason to be grateful to the nature or to the divine for helping me to be continuously on this auspicious path of seeking thyself for quiet sometime now.

    The very purpose of writing this blog is to answer, based on my own experiences , based on what exactly I have actually felt and subsequently understood so far , some of the very basic questions/doubts which usually bother the beginners as I sincerely wish that whosoever flag starts his/her spiritual journey ,finds absolutely no reason to quit this path.

    Hope you too will find this write up worth reading and worth sharing so that it reaches the right seekers

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