Yogis Are Literally The Most Positive People

Have you ever met a negative yogi?  I am going to go with not.  See I have this theory since my yoga journey began back in 2015 that it is literally impossible to be a negative yogi.  Now, I am by no means saying yogis do not have bad days like the rest of the universe however, tell me you have not shown up at a yoga class and felt your spirits lifts before you even began your practice.

Now, we have all heard people poke fun, “go drink your kombucha and be happy over there” or “go take a savasana….” blah blah blah.  I truly do not believe it is because people do not love happy yogis because how can you not?  It seems that the saying misery loves company is true and many people cannot figure out the happiness behind the yogi lifestyle.

As you dive deeper into your yoga practice, take a look inward each day and pay attention to your thoughts and moods progressively.  Before I began practicing I was very negative.  People who were happy all the time annoyed me simply because I did not get how.  Also, I was very bitter about things in my life and could not let go prior to studying yogic texts, thoughts, and practice.  Checking out these Recommended Yogi Reads is another way to open your eyes and change your thoughts.  They will deepen your practice for the better.

If you are tired of living negatively or want to understand why yogis are so darn positive even in the worst of times, try it!  Start practicing, researching, do not be so close minded and maybe you will become just as addicted.

I am contemplating streaming yoga class online.  While they have their pros and cons, I get that, that is how some may feel comfortable diving in and I want to assist.  Let me know your thoughts either in the comments or of course via email.

Start yoga and ride that positivity train! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Yogis Are Literally The Most Positive People

  1. Yes, Go for the positive train…stream yoga..why not? Your blog is very empowering, motivatiating, and Real honest. You never know what people go thru during their days and nights…Spreading love, motivation and positive energy are little things that can go really far to help others.

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    1. This was the sweetest comment, thank you so much for taking the time to write this ☺️❤️ and thank you for your insight on streaming!!


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