Blocked Heart Chakra

There was a time where I felt nothing at all.  If you asked me at that time I would have told you it was the greatest thing in the universe.  Break ups did not phase, death rolled off like a bad hair day, I felt nothing.  I was empty inside and I bragged about it.  Seeing others in pain and I could just walk away unscathed.

I once had a guy tell me I was a complete sociopath.  My only thought was, “rude, why are you being so sensitive”.  So many negative events in a short span of time had a tremendous effect on me.  I had lost 7 close family and friends in one year including my father and grandfather.  What followed only continued to get worse and quite frankly, I still have a lot I do not remember due to my mind trying to cope while going through such shock.

As I moved forward in my life I was living but only as an empty vessel.  I did not feel joy or love but I also felt no pain.  That was all that mattered, my soul could not take any more pain.  But what is life without love, joy, laughter??  I ran away from the people I was closest to out of fear that I would one day have to deal with loosing them too.  I sacrificed happiness to escape pain.

As I began my yoga practice I also began studying the chakra system.  As I learned about the chakras and how they can become blocked I did not need to even guess where my energy was blocked.  As I began to manifest my energy and work on balancing my chakras, I had to come to terms with quite a bit.  But, learning to open my heart is irreplaceable.  No matter what has happened, this is no way to live.  We must allow our hearts to be open, feel and experience the energy and let it flow.

Since then, a few experiences have caused my body’s defense to go back up but, I will not allow it to close.  Being present, clearing my mind and meditating.  Talking myself through it and willing my heart no matter how great the pain… I know joy.  I know love.  I know laughter.  I am finally living again.  I look back and am saddened by how much I missed out on.  If you feel like I did I challenge you look into what you can do to free yourself of this block.  As practice, try paying attention to what you experience on the day-to-day and letting it go.  Literally everything.  Whatever you see, feel it, then let it pass without further thought.

Please feel free to share you experiences or thoughts on any chakra blocks.

15 thoughts on “Blocked Heart Chakra

  1. We did some heart openers today in my yin class. One thing I’ve noticed with the chest/heart openers since I’ve started my practice is they hurt. Like a stake thru my heart. It takes a lot of focus to get through them.
    Like you, there are some things I don’t feel. But in many ways, with the losses I’ve endured, I felt everything long before the losses happened. There was nothing left to feel when everything was over.
    I’m interested in learning more about this Chakra cleansing. It’s a fascinating subject.

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    1. Yes, I will say when I first began, during my physical practice I too experienced physical pain. Thank you for sharing! I will absolutely dabble deeper later on ❤️

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  2. My acupuncturist talks to me about chakras and such. I find it all so interesting but have yet to take the time to learn more. How did you begin? Sometimes things happen and I don’t feel one way or another about them, but then I start questioning… why aren’t I mad? Why aren’t I sad? Why aren’t I super excited? I hate it when that happens.

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    1. I began but first trying to understand the chakra system as a whole as well as individually. It won’t let me link it here but, I did 8 previous posts on the chakras. If you look back they are titled by which one they dive into as well as an intro. Once I began understanding them and how they worked, I began to understand more of what we can do to balance them.

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  3. It’s not easy to open your heart after so much pain. Life changes you, and the change seems vunderable to let down your defense. Pain has a way to take away your comments to let it manifest within causing damage. I have learned through writing to released some barriers and mediation to release some fears but still a working progress. Chakra cleansing might be a practice I need too, can’t wait for you to blog more about it. Great post as always.

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  4. I’ve been working on chakra visualization and activation in my meditations recently, so this post drew me in. I’ve found I have blockages in my 3rd and 5th chakras, but my 4th is wide open — almost too much, which makes me incredibly sensitive. I think it’s overcompensating! With time, I hope I can balance that energy out.

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