Staying Present During the Holidays

Sliding out of bed, so as not to disturb a soul.  I tiptoe to the kitchen, brew a pot of coffee, and begin to bake.  Soon the smell of cinnamon and warm bread fill the house.  Thanksgiving.  Family, food, friends, and happiness.  The mood is infectious.  After traveling to each loved one’s home we arrive back home, collapsing into the bed we share one last “Happy Thanksgiving” as we drift to dreamland.

With all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it can be so difficult to keep it this simple and stay present.  Especially battling anxiety, depression or anything else, this time of year can be exceptionally difficult.  So, how?!  How can I keep it together and stay present and centered, house after house, baking, family (some more difficult than others), and so much more.

That morning, while everything was baking, I went to my yoga space, I had a calm morning flow followed by meditation with the soothing sounds of my singing bowl.  I basked in the vibration, realigned and stepped back inside myself.  I set my intention for the day, I will find gratitude in everything.  This set my mood, my tone, and cleared the overwhelming anxiety I felt over whether everyone would like my cooking or have something mean to say, I was no longer concerned.  I was grateful to be able to share my cooking, and say something nice back.

It can be so hard, even on a normal day, it can be almost impossible to get yourself up and in a space to center yourself and just be present for the day.  That being said, the results are worth it.  Taking a step inside yourself is the best thing you can do.  It is the holidays, a time to remember we are loved, even if you think you have no one in this world because that is what your depression told you this morning, there is someone out there who thinks of you, who would be devastated to lose you.  It is a time to remind loved ones how much we care, even if you think they do not want to see you, or they said something that your anxiety is telling you really meant they were mad at you, the ones you love, they love you too.  It is a time to remember how unbelievably lucky we are for every amazing person and thing in our lives.  To be alive.  So instead of listening to the voice inside your head that never shuts up, I encourage you to set time during the holiday season, and every day, to meditate.  Meditation for the Anxious can assist you in finding a way to step back if you are having trouble.

Be present.  Be grateful.  You are loved.

4 thoughts on “Staying Present During the Holidays

    1. Yes, I think it is the perfect thing for you at this time. My practice has helped me through so much and still continues to do so. Sending love and Happy Thanksgiving to you as well!


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