Let Go of Your Ego

Yoga, this beautiful practice of mental and physical, is 100% yours.  If you have been to a class or have begun to deepen your study on your own, you may have heard to let your ego go.  That is where you practice really begins, when we leave the ego behind.  But in this day and age, especially social media so present, is it as easy as it sounds to leave the ego behind and focus on you and your body?

It seems that instead of focusing on each new day and where our bodies are at in that moment, we are comparing ourselves to the yogi on Instagram or in the yoga pants ad.  If we are constantly competing and striving to fit that mold then, it is truly our ego running our practice.  How can we expect for our practice to have a mental effect on us if we are fueled by the ego?

We are all different, as discussed in Your Yoga Body so, we cannot expect our bodies to behave just like someone else’s.  Yoga is for ourselves, it is our practice.  The second we take the ego out the second we begin.  Each day is a new day, our bodies are not where they were the day before.  With that, your body will move and behave different, you have never been in this particular moment nor will you ever again.  Just because yesterday you were able to hold crow for 5 minutes and today you cannot even hold for 5 seconds does not mean you should allow your ego to show through.  Thank Your Body for this moment and do what feels good.

This is your yoga practice, for you.  Is it fun to share your practice, and wonderful for the rest of the world to see the amazing benefits?  Absolutely!  Clearly I am a huge fan.  Does that mean start the day in compare?  Absolutely not.  Do not miss what your practice can do for you.  Let your ego go and just flow.

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