Prana, Pranayama and Your Practice

The definition from Sanskrit to English varies a bit however, Prana is said to be “life force” or “energy” or “vital principle”.  Through our body’s nadis or energy channels is where prana is described to flow.  With this we tend to link prana with our Chakras System and if someone is well-balanced through all seven chakras they are to have a free-flowing prana.

Ever heard of Pranayama?  Prana is thought to flow in and out of our bodies through our breath.  Pranayama is a yogi practice to enhance this movement and energy.  Pranayama is generally practiced before meditation, moving the prana and supplying the energy to flow through our chakras.  This practice is more than just deep or forceful breath, there is much thought behind it and what it is doing for you and your systems while you are practicing.

Have you ever been in a yoga class and you fall out of pose?  Perhaps not even that difficult of a pose, and you attempt to get back in only to fall right back out.  Take a step back, are you breathing?  If prana is the life force moving within our bodies and our breath is what helps it move then why are we starving them of this?  Pranayama can be extremely helpful for meditation however, it is important to remember how vital it is throughout our whole practice.

It is said that opposite of prana is our consciousness.  Our consciousness, our minds, cannot function without oxygen.  So now we see everything coming full circle.  Now let’s look at it this way, do you have to tell your body to breathe every moment of every day?  No!  It is a function our body does unconsciously.  Pranayama is conscious breathing, now see how the mind focusing and thinking on how to breath, and move this energy effects more that the breath?  Mind blown.

If you would like to dive deeper on this matter please let me know and I am happy to do so.  As always, please share your thoughts below 🙂

Namaste my friends.

8 thoughts on “Prana, Pranayama and Your Practice

    1. Thank you for stopping by and your kind words. My apologies I was referring to the two types of energies within our physical bodies. 🙂


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