Finding Time

Alarm blaring, snooze for the second time.  Get up, brew coffee, move through the motions unconsciously.  Get to work, meeting, emails, phone calls.  How did I get home?  Pick up the kids, cooks dinner, is there any clean laundry?  And it just keeps going.

Our lives are busy, sometimes straight up chaotic but, with this are we allowing ourselves to miss out on all the important and amazing things happening around us?  Are we forgetting to take time to enjoy just being alive?

As I type this I have just left work, finished packing and am getting ready to catch a flight.  I can feel the stress I am holding, my boyfriend is holding, hell, I can feel it rolling off of Coco! (My super cute pup if you are not aware!)

I immediately felt the need to check myself.  I have time.  With that why am I not making the time to step back.  Instead I am sitting here fueling my anxiety for what??  So, as I conclude my short and sweet post, I ready myself to step back.  I am going to sit on my bolster, set my intention and center myself.  I will find gratitude that I am here and now, that I have the ability to travel, and visit new places.

Happy Friday Loves!  Please, take a moment, step back.  There is always time.

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