Yoga for Runners

Tight, achy, burning, muscle soreness.  We all get it, often times for multiple reasons however, the most common being running or weight training.  Yoga seems to be scoffed at by many yet, can be extremely beneficial.  So beneficial that it is actually being incorporated by many professional athletes who have reaped its benefits.

Whether you run or lift weights you have experienced the pain it can cause your muscles after.  Working out is good for you and muscle soreness is no reason to give up but, it certainly does put on a strain on your training.  Incorporating a yoga practice into your routine just may be the key to getting past that.

Yes, practicing yoga is so much more than just the physical practice but, there is the physical part and it can help your muscles.  I practice thirty minutes of yoga after each run regardless of how exhausted I am.  If I skip this, I immediately regret it the next day.  Since I began my yoga practice and specifically after a run, I have noticed tremendous results.  I am not nearly as tight after.  After a long run or marathon, my recovery is much quicker.  

This is my challenge to you, next time, after a run or weight training, practice just 30 minutes of yoga.  No matter how tired, weak or tight you feel, breathe through the poses.  You will be so grateful, as will your body!

Namaste 🙂

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