Most of us have seen a mala necklace at least once.  Depending on where you are within your practice perhaps you have even looked into getting one of your own but, did not know where to begin or why they were so expensive.  First, let’s dive into what a mala is.

Mala is Sanskrit for garland, like a necklace.  The Japa Malas were brought about centuries ago to aid in prayer in meditation.  They were to help keep the focus despite what may be going on around us.  Since then, prayer beads have come about through many different cultures and religions such as, the rosary for Catholics.  Traditional malas are made up of 108 beads.  Depending on who you are speaking with you may receive a different response as to why there are 108 beads.  There are 108 marma points in the body, or sacred points.  There are also 108 Upanishads, the sacred texts.  There are 108 lines of energy coming from our heart chakra.  The list goes on.


Often times malas have additional “meanings” more pertaining to the type of beads that were used to make them up.  The stones used within the malas all have different energies and affects.  When choosing a mala this is always something to take into account.

With that, have you ever tried to find your perfect one, the one that speaks to you and your practice only to question why it cost so much?  A beautiful mala with good or blessed energy is not the same as just as beaded necklace you receive from the department store.  To take this one step further, I joined a mala making group last week to see just how much goes into these.  The group was three hours long and by the end, we were lucky to be halfway done.  It took a bit of time choosing the stones that we felt a connection with as well as, the colors of the string and tassel if one were to be used.  The longest though, if you are saying a mini prayer or mantra for each bead.  Also, between each bead is a tiny little knot, holding this bead to the neck, right where it belongs.  You could imagine that eventually one may become frustrated during this process.  Well, you must then take a break, as you cannot make a mala under bad energy.


Malas are beautiful and a wonderful addition to your meditation and yoga practice.  Please do not take them for granted.  I am looking in to creating a few for any of you who may be interested.  They will be one of a kind, made with good intentions and sprayed with sage after to cleanse.  They of course take quite a bit of time however, if you are interested and have particular beads you would prefer, I have not started yet.  Please reach out to me and let me know, I will take a look at the next bead show.

Have an amazing day! 🙂


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