Being Present as a Yoga Teacher and Beyond

Through the study of yoga, you learn much about being present.  Our yoga practice helps us achieve this presence and peace within ourselves.  But, what about as a teacher?

I met with a group of fellow yoga teachers the other day as we discussed this subject.  As teachers, we are to teach, no?  But, if we ourselves are not present then how can we expect our students to be.  Have you ever attended a guided meditation or a yoga class where you just did not feel a connection to the teacher?  You could not figure out why though because you really liked them or perhaps you even attended a class of theirs in the past and felt an instant connection.  More often than not, this can be attributed to a lack of presence.

With this we discussed why having a daily practice and meditation is so important as a teacher.  This must go beyond yoga teaching and into our daily lives then.  Say you have a meeting with your boss however, your boyfriend just called and said he crashed your car.  Everyone is ok but, your car is very damaged.  Are you going to be able to have this meeting with your boss and actually be present?  Or will you be contemplating issues beyond your control?  What if you took a 10 minute walk outside to clear your head, meditate, focus on a mantra.  You would more than likely walk back in with a clear mind and new focus, what your boss has to say.

These thoughts I wanted to share with you all because it does go beyond being a yoga teacher.  It should carry into our lives and our practice.  What are you missing out on?  What are you allowing your anxiety to take over?

Go out and for today, PRACTICE being present. xoIMG_6560

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