Grateful Hearts and Letting Go of the Negative

I woke up Christmas morning with such a happy, grateful heart. Though my father has been dead for many years, he loved this time of year and that makes me love it that much more! He was grateful for the cheer, the time spent with family, though it was not long, and making us smile.

I noticed some attitudes the past couple days were the opposite. Following, I asked how their time was as most had the time off and with loved ones. The response too was negative.

Whether or not you celebrate a particular holiday should not take away the gratitude in your heart for time with loved ones. You get what you give. If you put love, positivity and gratitude out into the universe, you will receive it back.

Have you ever noticed the people with the “worst luck” are always complaining about said luck?

Everyone has a bad day, I promise no one is alone in this. That being said, it is all in how we deal with it. Let it go! You do not need it so, let it go and leave room for the amazing and beautiful.

By Christmas was crazy, loud and chaotic!! But I enjoyed every moment an would not change it for the world, I will never get those moments back again. Go out with grateful hearts and be surprised what you receive. ❤️

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