Nutrition for Your Yoga Practice

Sorry ladies and gentlemen, I am not about to tell you what you should eat for the rest of your life to be a good yogi because, I do not believe in that.  I AM however, going to touch on some smart choices prior to practicing.

Stay away from the heavy.  Upon holding your downward facing dog, you may find it difficult to find your breath while not allowing that huge sandwich or mashed potatoes to flow out onto your mat.  Light is always a good choice prior to practicing.  This way you are not distracted by your stomach angrily saying, “feed me” and you also are not dealing with not being able to breathe.

Timing is also important.  If I know I need to eat something prior to practicing my rule of thumb is this, one hour to one half hour prior to class or home practice.  Allowing your body some time to digest as well as, absorb.  Eating hours before your practice may cause that growling stomach to come right back and of course, shoving something down on your mat just before you begin may be cause some worse effects.

What is this snack doing for you?  This is by far the most important to me.  While I will not tell you “eat this but, don’t eat that”, I will tell you to snack smart.  Yoga is body, mind, spirit, and when you read different yogic text you will find that what we are nourishing are bodies with is just as important.  Before you grab that snack, think about what it will do for your body.  I generally go for an apple, maybe with almond butter.  It will help hydrate me prior to my practice, give me vitamins, and energy.  

Honor your body, do not let your ego get in the way, and do what you feel is good.

Namaste yogis 🙂 

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4 thoughts on “Nutrition for Your Yoga Practice

  1. Totally agree here – snacking smart feels way better. I met up with a friend tonight who had introduced me to almond butter years crazy.. the apple or banana and almond butter. So good! Proper nutrition integrated with the practice makes the whole package so much better and more rewarding.

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