Goodbye 2017! Let’s Get Grounded Yogis!

As we close out the year 2017 this will be my last post from a computer for the year.  For the past couple years I have made a point to start the year fresh, happy and grounded.  If you are like WTF does that actually mean, stay tuned, you’re in for treat!

Starting the new year off right sets the tone for your year, no?  Not the nitty gritty parts of life we cannot control but, what you yourself choose to do to begin your new year.  Life is funny, and we owe so much to the universe for each amazing day, moment, and beyond.  With that, how do you start your new year?  What is your favorite way to get grounded?

I cannot wait to share my favorite time of year but for now, good vibes friends!  2018 is going to be amazing, I have many new and exciting things coming your way 🙂  I appreciate each and every one of you.  From your likes, comments, your beautiful thoughts and every interaction we share.  I will be sharing with you all via phone soon!

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