Grounded and Loving It!

Hey amazing people! Last day of 2017, what are you doing to end this year off right and begin 2018 right?

Like I went over in my previous post, I am writing you all from my phone as I am staying minimally plugged in. I have made a point the past couple of years to end and start each year grounded, and peacefully, in a happy place.

This year I chose a beautiful spot in North Florida, United States, that has not disappointed!

It was a gorgeous morning that I could not stop commenting about. I feel so much gratitude for what the universe has brought and just how amazing it is.

In case you all have missed Coco:

She made it for her first camping trip! We went hiking and had a short flow out in the cool, fresh air. Upon hiking we passed something that I have to share and I hope makes you all smile as much as I did.

Amazing!! How freaking awesome is that?! I cannot wait to share the changes for the New Year but for now, go out somewhere you find peace in. Channel it. Set your intention for the year.

Grounded. Grateful. Happy.

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