2018 – What Are Your Intentions?

Oh wow, can you believe we have already made it to 2018??  First let me start, happy new year to you all!  NEW. Fresh. Beginnings. Let’s do this.  I woke up to freezing cold, in a tent, my puppy, Coco, curled up so tight in my arm, snoring lightly into my neck, sun just peeping through.  Yes, that first part said freezing, literally, everything was frozen.  I looked around soaking it all in, under piles of blankets with the happiest feeling in my heart.  There was nowhere else I would rather be in this moment and I could not have been more appreciative of where the universe has brought me.  I, of course, asked my boyfriend to get the first started 😉


I love camping and getting realigned for the year to come.  Nature is our home and where balance can always come, if you allow.  Camping, hiking, exploring and unplugging from the world is magnificent!  Oh, that reminds me, no I did not end up posting from my phone after the one day because, I was enjoying being unplugged.  Please do not be sad, I love you all and have so much to share.

Setting my intention for the year was easy, I will find gratitude each day.  At times I find myself caught up in the hustle and bustle, I have situations that are less than ideal and I do not always get my way.  But, that’s what the universe has planned, and the universe has you back.  Everything is meant to be and no matter how bad life may seem, there is always something to find gratitude in. 

January 1st, what do I find gratitude for?  For one, the amazing, unpredictable beauty of nature.  It’s so freaking awesome!!


That my friends is a cave.  One of natures many beautiful and wondrous creations.


What else can I find gratitude in on the first day of the year?  That I was able to take this trip, to tour this cave, which is forever changing and will not look the same.  That these awesome stalagmites and stalactites are made up of minerals!  Nature’s little amazing secrets.  Minerals such as iron and calcium which we ourselves are also made up of!  Am I the only one who find this so amazing.  How can you not feel grounded??  You are a part of nature and this is proof.

I encourage you all, set an intention for the year.  What do you want to this year to be about for you?

I cannot wait to share what I have to come for you all in this new year but, I will wait till the universe tells me.  I hope you all started 2018 in a great way!  I am grateful for social media strictly for it allowing us all this connection.

Namaste 🙂


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