Flaws in Yogis, Yoga Teachers, and People

Real talk right now.  In life we tend to put certain people up on pedestals, for multiple reasons.  Often times, after something occurs which shows their “human” if you will, we take them down and look at them in a new light.  While it is great to admire or look upon someone in a positive light (I find my mentor to be continuously amazing), we need to remember that EVERYONE has flaws.  To let that ruin how we view them is sad.

Beyond that, knowing someone looks at you in this special light can cause you to then be harder on yourself.  I am a practicing yogi, I will be a forever student, I will never know everything and I will never be perfect.  I am also a yoga teach, forever a student, who does not know everything and will never be perfect.

Allow me to give you all some raw real facts in case for some reason you thought I was beyond flaws.  I have struggled with anxiety, depression and PTSD for over a decade.  I try more often than not, to deny or hide this.  I began practicing yoga after I experienced the positive effects it had on these things that once controlled my life.  I have a weakened immune system due to illness, and health issues that cause extreme pain regularly.  I have stopped all medication unless I fear I will have to go to the hospital.  I found that through yoga and meditation I can find relief.  I am not perfect and have to check my thoughts just like everyone else.  I have insomnia and night terrors due to the things listed above.  I have found that meditation and yoga have a positive effect on this aspect of my life as well.

It is so hard, especially with social media, for us to set crazy expectations for ourselves and others.  Today I want you to remember that you are amazing!  Flaws and all, they are what make you who you are!  If you are exhausted and could not hold crow, that’s great too, because that’s where you are today and practicing yoga is amazing and not perfect.  If you just finished a yoga class and your teacher forgot the next pose or meant right leg instead of the left, that is awesome!  Because they can make mistakes and it’s real and raw and if we think they are great then, they can be great flaws and all.  

Go out, make mistakes, love others mistakes, admit who you are and embrace it.


12 thoughts on “Flaws in Yogis, Yoga Teachers, and People

  1. Loved this! Yes, accepting ourselves and others is so important. And helps us to laugh a little as we see these ‘flaws’ and hopefully recognise some beauty in them too. Thank you for sharing.

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