Sundays Are For Yoga

Yoga Church.  That’s what I signed up for this past Sunday.  Unsure if it was just witty title for being Sunday morning or if everyone was going to take their practice beyond the physical that day, I could not have been more excited.

I arrived to the disclosed location outside at 9am, the weather in the high 30’s/low 40’s (Fahrenheit), it was a tad bit chilly.  Upon arrival, there was an adorable couple playing an instrument I have not seen before, among a drum, shaker, and a few other fun ones.  The sound was beautiful and truly set the tone.

Class was to be an hour of yoga followed by discussing living life through yoga, and your intentions, a sound bath and massage, and fun discussions beyond.  As the yogis began to flow and the wind swirled around, leaves rustling through my hair and across my mat, it became.. to say magical does not do justice.  As we were connecting breath, nature was right there with us.  The power and energy in this outside space was so in tune and uplifting.

When we were done, the two hours had passed.  We had been in this amazing, PRESENT moment, creating a vibe together that no one noticed how long this had been going on for.  We all giggled as we came to this realization and decided this was something we needed to make a habit of.  This group was powerful.

I spent the rest of my day on a yoga high.  I refused to come into my home until it was dark.  After experiencing nature’s response to us, I wanted to spend the day connecting.  At one point, I sat in the grass and meditated while Coco ran all around me.  I could feel her joy.

This experience was amazing and I had to share it.  I receive many comments on my practice generally being outside.  This is important to me.  I stress it all to you, going out, connecting with nature, it is so good for the body and mind.

Namaste 🙂


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