Mindfulness and How It Changes Everything

If you look up the definition of Mindfulness you will see: “the quality of state of being aware or conscious” among other various versions of a similar definition. Practicing yoga and meditation teaches us to be present and to practice mindfulness. In the past I have heard people scoff at this and insinuate madness.

Being mindful has changed my every day. I will handle situations differently, thoughts are different, and so is even my appreciation. I used to be a slave to negative thoughts, anxious ideas, and sadness. After, just scratching the surface mind you, practicing this presence, I am no longer effected.

What am I trying to tell you? That mindfulness, meditating and practicing yoga, will take away all your life’s problems. No and yes. I see my problems, I still have problems but then, I let them go. I am no longer held to the past or worrying of the future. I am here, in this moment. When I am feeling tremendous social anxiety, I sit back into myself and focus on letting this feeling pass me by. Is it always easy? Hell. No. But, it has changed everything! For the better.

We do not need to hold on to what we cannot change or has not occurred. Acknowledge, accept and let go.

The trees do not mourn their lost leaves ❤️

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