Yoga Pants, Yoga Brands

Hey yogis!  With all the social media outlets out there, we are flooded each day with different yoga brands to choose from.  Specifically let’s talk yoga pants and clothing.  Now, practicing yoga, at least personally, it seems the biggest preference would be pants that do not slide down, do not rip, are not see through, and are comfortable.  There seems to be this huge hype with expensive brands that in my opinion do not deliver.  Further more, I am disappointed in the values, or lack there of, of some of these expensive brands.

That being said, if you like something, and it makes you happy, that is you and happiness is important.  I am encouraging you, the consumer, to take a look into what exactly you are purchasing when doing so.  Like I said, SOOOO many yoga brands.  If we are going to go with cute and pricey, lets also go with, cute and pricey with awesome values.  Or a company that is eco-friendly.  A company that gives back to a charity, etc.

I am not endorsed by any brand so, I can honestly tell you there are some out there that are amazing!!!  Without feeling like I am selling you something.  Manduka to me is a great company, with fantastic values, that has also delivered some of the greatest service I have ever received.  I am talking the service was so good I was speechless and sent happy vibes to the person who personally helped me.  Another company I think has beautiful product and values is Teeki.  

Listen, I could go on forever but here’s the bottom line:  There are so many “Yoga” brands out there.  But, to be yoga should they not enliven yogic values?  If I am going to support a brand and have others see me supporting them, I want to ensure it is a brand that I feel lives a certain lifestyle if you will.

With that, I am sure most of you remember my post Let Go of Your Ego, this is a prime example.  Sending you all good, happy vibes! 🙂

Please share with me other amazing brands, I would love to check them out!

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