Meditate Away the Negativity

This title is insane right? It essentially is what my day consisted of today. We all know things happen in life, beyond control and everyone is entitled to a bad day. Should this effect all of us though? I am not saying throw empathy out the window but, truly reflect next time and see if you allowed someone else’s bad mood or bad day to then dictate your own.

Today it was one negative vibe after another coming through my office and I was riding the struggle bus to carry on. About 5 hours into my work day and 15 minutes into my friend and, co-worker, telling me everything currently wrong in her life I HAD to rid this negativity stat.

After trying to (unsuccessfully) turn her around, I excused myself and briefly went outside. I decided to manifest on what I had already made as my intention for the year, to find gratitude in every day. During this time, I realized I was grateful that she felt comfortable to come and talk to me about this instead of going through it alone.  I was grateful that I had friends in the workplace and life. I was also grateful that I could take this brief moment to take a breath, meditate, and rid myself of the negative energy, finding presence in this moment.

Five minutes.  That is all it took to change everything.  Finding presence in life, meditating and sitting back within your Self.  It is the difference in a bad mood, bad day, bad feelings.  There is so much negativity in the world however, we do not need to be affected.  I encourage you, next time you find yourself being effected by someone else’s mood, step back, find your center.  

Namaste 🙂

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23 thoughts on “Meditate Away the Negativity

  1. Well done and thank you for sharing! I agree that a brief change of scenery (ESPECIALLY if that means getting outdoors and changed posture can turn my mood around super quick). Adding a grateful heart only serves to improve an already healthy practice!

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