What Yoga Can Do Beyond You

Yoga has tremendous benefits for the body, mind, soul, the Self.  Yoga also can do amazing things for the world around us.  As a yoga teacher, it brings me great joy when a practice goes well beyond the mat.

There is yoga for Veterans, yoga for Parkinson’s, yoga for inmates.  The list goes on and each one is great in its own way, doing great things for others.  Going from a standard practice to a practice focused towards what else we can do for each other and the world; that is beautiful.

Yesterday I went to a donation yoga class for stray cats.  Kittens everywhere, if you have read This Is Yoga, It Is NOT That Serious. then you know how amazing this is.  All the proceeds were going directly to the shelter for the animals.  Since the recent storms in the United States and Caribbean, there have been a great deal of misplaced pets.  Seeing this donation class immediately pulled at my heart and I signed right up, bringing friends, happy to assist.

As yogis there is so much we could do to make a difference in this world.  I do not just mean yoga teacher, practicing yogis!  Are you unsure of how to put together a donation yoga class because you are not a teacher and do not know one?  Why not put together a donation guided meditation, effect the world through the proceeds and the power of OM.  Invite someone to a yoga class who has been wanting to try, and perhaps pay for it.  There is just so much.  Every little change has an effect.  There is so much more to yoga beyond you, there is the world.

Happy Sunday everyone! xo

4 thoughts on “What Yoga Can Do Beyond You

  1. I really miss the few sessions I did a year or two back… did one yoga a week and one body balance. I noticed a huge difference in less lower back pain within a few short weeks … must must find time to start it up again..

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  2. yes yoga can do alot of difference in our life. l Yoga has tremendous benefits for the body, mind, soul, the Self. After few days own practice on yoga and now i am eager to learn yoga teacher training courses in deep.

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