Yoga, Yog-Ah

What is it about yoga that just feels so good?  Ever finish your practice and feel like you are on a yoga high?  I have heard many times, I am not sure why but I just feel so good after yoga.

Ever wake up from a blissful, cozy, deep sleep?  Instead of jumping straight out of bed you roll around, stretch a bit, do whatever feels good.  Best way to wake up, no alarm or someone else waking you, no place to be right that second, you get to be present in that moment, in that space.  This is why yoga feels so good!  It is yog-ah.

You feel so amazing after because you are putting everything aside, no mind running wild, you are present and while you are present you are doing what feels good for your body.  Do you have any friends who just “do not get the big deal about yoga”?  I encourage you next time they ask, to describe it in that way.  Like spending an extra hour in bed before getting up, just rolling around, stretching, and relishing in the moment.

It is so easy to get caught up in the craziness of the day-to-day and forget to just be present.  Yoga is there for you.  Find your balance in the world and take time to say “Ahh” with a smile on your lips.

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