When The Yogi Attitude Gets Difficult

For everyone the yogi attitude and life is going to be slightly different. Practicing and studying yoga changed my life and attitude, for the positive. I have always had the “I do not care attitude” or the nothing bothers me mindset and I still do. Not everyone is meant to like you and that is ok. But what about the people who go out of their way to make you feel bad?

Recently I have been struggling, mostly in the work place. I know that not everyone likes me but, I still treat everyone the same and try to stay out of the way for those who seem bothered by me. It has become a mission for someone to bring me down. Yoga, presence, I was unbothered, I just acknowledged it and let it go. Till it began to affect my job.

I had to tell my boss yesterday that I was beginning to feel targeted and it pained me to say that. After being called in for the third time this week, to hear something that someone does not like about me, I struggled with letting it go. As I went to leave the building the person crossed right into my path.

I refused to give in though. I smiled, I was polite and offered to assist with something. I refused to let it ruin who I am. I strongly believe people who try to bring you down are simply unhappy with themselves and seeing you so happy but, not knowing how to get there is why they choose to bring you down.

It’s hard. I will be the first to admit it. But, yogis are searching for peace in the Self. We will not find it allowing others to affect us negatively. Let it go. Write it out like I am, you can write it in the comments below, we all can relate to one another! Then, let it go. ๐Ÿ’œ

8 thoughts on “When The Yogi Attitude Gets Difficult

  1. It is so hard…I have been there! I try to see both sides: soften myself if I have been too intense and also usr positive self talk because I am worthy of respect.

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  2. It can be difficult to have compassion for people who act like this but it helps to remember that hurt people, hurt people. Practicing compassion (even if it is just in your mind) makes it easier to not take things personally, and to not react emotionally. Keep being the amazing person you are and Iโ€™m sure in a few months time youโ€™ll look back and have a valuable lesson to share with others from your experience! ๐Ÿ˜Š

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