Balancing the Chakras in a Group

This past weekend I had the amazing experience of going to a group on the chakras.  The group, of course, was to dabble into everything from what our charkas are, where, what they associate with, their asanas, mudra, bija, the list goes on.  With this, I did not realize something breathtaking we were all about to experience.

If you have had the opportunity to learn a bit about the chakras from the previous posts, The Root Chakra – Chakra OneThe Sacral Chakra – Chakra TwoThe Solar Plexus Chakra – Chakra ThreeThe Heart Chakra – Chakra fourThe Throat Chakra – Chakra FiveThe Third Eye Chakra – Chakra Six and The Crown Chakra – Chakra Seven then you should have a brief understanding on each chakra and how to balance them individually.

About half way into the class, we began with our root chakra and moved up.  We incorporated the proper mudra, bija and asanas associated with each chakra and moved through this chakra balancing flow together, flowing into then the next chakra.  To say it was amazing does not even begin to describe it.  In the beginning, we all sat around with brief introductions.  The room was buzzing, their energy was making me beyond jittery but, it was positive way.  Everyone was in the own place mentally and physically.  AFTER however, the whole room changed.  We sounded different, spoke different, we all mirrored vibration.

To explain will never be the same as to experience.  That being said, this is a beautiful example of how balance of the chakras can have such tremendous effects.  It also goes to show how chanting and meditation aides so greatly in our internal vibrations and the vibrations of the world!

I will absolutely go further into what I learned from this awesome class but today, I leave you with this: in meditation focus on the color or feeling your Self keeps bringing up.  Perhaps it is the chakra that needs special attention.  Feel free to share below 🙂


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