Yoga Therapy

Perhaps you are just starting your yoga journey or perhaps you have been on one for years but, if you are not on a yoga journey at all I encourage you to change this.  Can I “Do” Yoga? dove briefly into beginning your yoga journey and what it did for me.  I would like everyone to be aware that no matter what, your yoga practice is your therapy.

Everyone has had trauma in their life at some point, bad things happen, such is life but, what we choose to make of it is what matters.  If you have been following me for a bit now (I appreciate your support, always) you know that I did not always have the greatest life or attitude about it.  I refused to talk to anyone, I was proud of not feeling and being closed off and I did not want to take medications.  My yoga practice saved me.

During my practice two nights ago, as I sat in meditation, I realized yoga was 100% the therapy I had needed.  It aided me to let go of my past, it did not need to control me any more.  It taught me to stop worrying over the future, it is ever-changing and unpredictable.  It taught me to enjoy the present moment.  I will never get this moment back and it is amazing.  As my attitude changed so did everything else.  When I had a bad day two nights ago I was having trouble letting go of that day and the feelings it gave me.  If I had not stretched out onto my mat and began my flow I would have been anxious all night.  I probably would have had my sleep effected.  The list goes on but, I certainly would not have felt as amazing and at peace as I did after.

Yoga is therapy.  Mind, body, spirit, it will change your life and it will help when you need it most.  Free of charge!  My doctors could never say that.  Next time you are in a bad mind frame just try, stretch it out, do what feels good, find a mantra, meditate.

Have an amazing day everyone!!  Namaste.

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7 thoughts on “Yoga Therapy

    1. My favorite suggestion is honestly to look up if there are any local events going on in your area. The free/donations events tend to be geared towards any level and are very newbie friendly. I am also going to begin posting videos, I will be sure to do a gentle flow for beginners!

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