Mudras and the Chakras

Last weekend I took an extremely informative and fun class on the chakras.  If you had a chance to read Balancing the Chakras in a Group then you know just how amazing of an experience it was.  We went over not just what and where but, the asana pertaining to, the bija, the mudra, etc.  Lets discuss how cool mudras are.

If you just search mudra online it will state something about a symbolic hand gesture but, it is SO much more!  Our body is a flowing energy source and when a chakra is blocked it effects so much within us.  Each chakra has a mudra which pertains directly to it just like different asanas.  These mudras are perfect for meditation, especially if you are feeling blocked in a particular area that moment.

Each mudra directs a flow of energy effecting different aspects.  They have linked blocked chakras to different diseases or issues within the body and get this, practicing these mudras can have effects on this!  As you may know, I have been working on my Blocked Heart Chakra for some time.  I have quite a few health issues however, and shocking, many pertain to a blocked heart chakra.  Practicing the mudras can assist with these issues.  

Vayu Mudra

Now, depending on the mudra will affect how long you are to practice.  At first, mudras can be difficult to get just right.  If you are having trouble, do not force to the point of pain.  Over time it will become easier to hold the mudra correctly and for longer periods of time.

If you are interested in diving further in the mudras, please let me know and I would be happy to do a post breaking down each one.  Yoga and the chakras are so much more than the asanas.  It is amazing.

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