Mudra for the First Chakra

Writing in red, the color that correlates with the root chakra, chakra one. We have been discussing Mudras and the Chakras so, today, the mudra for our root chakra.  

This mudra is known to be practiced at any time and within any posture of your preference.  It is geared towards our root chakra which grounds us, brings us back our “roots”, basic instincts.  This mudra for our first chakra is also thought to aid in reducing physical weakness, keeping us healthy and active.

Practicing with your arms/hands set to receive.  It can be paired with its bija, Lam.  Saying out loud or within the quiet of your mind.  We all know during meditation, especially in the beginning, our minds will not always be quiet.  Focusing on the bija for this chakra and what correlates directly to this chakra can aid in getting your body and mind right one track.

The Root Chakra – Chakra One is a good reference to go back on if you are trying to ground down and truly balance your first chakra, pairing with your mudra.

img_1081You can practice all the mudras during one practice, moving from the first through to the last or individually.  Not feeling particularly grounded?  This just may be what you need!

Please post any questions or thoughts below.  If you tried it out, I would love to hear how you felt afterwards!  Wishing you all a beautiful, balanced day.

Namaste 🙂

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