Mudra for the Fourth Chakra

Continuing the tradition, writing in green today, the color that correlates with our heart chakra.  As we move through the Mudras and the Chakras, today we move up to our fourth chakra.

This mudra is recommended to be practiced for 45 minutes, for two months.  As we move up through the chakras and their mudras, you will notice the changes in practice.  These are recommendations and if you are having trouble holding the mudra, ease yourself into.  The benefits will still be there.

This mudra aids in balancing our fourth chakra, tied to the depths of our hearts, our compassion, love, kindness, acceptance as well as, our spirituality.  It is believed that through practicing this mudra you can reduce the risk of diseases cause by lack of air.  It is to help with arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, and some stomach issues.


Practicing with your arms/hands set to receive.  It can be paired with its bija, Yam.  Saying out loud or within the quiet of your mind.  Focusing on the bija for this chakra and what correlates directly to this chakra can aid in getting your body and mind right one track. The Heart Chakra – Chakra four is a good reference to go back on if you are in need a refresher further into this chakra and what to focus on.

You can practice all the mudras during one practice, moving from the first through to the last or individually if you are feeling blocked in a particular area.
Please post any questions or thoughts below.  If you are having trouble getting a particular mudra or are looking for more direction, please let me know!

*Also fun and exciting news, I have created a page strictly dedicated to my Handmade Malas, if you are wanting something special, I would be happy to create as well!

Namaste 🙂

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