Mudra for the Fifth Chakra

Keeping it going as we move up through the chakras, today we write in blue for our throat chakra. We have been discussing the Mudras and the Chakras, starting with the first chakra and making our way up, today we move on to the mudra for our fifth chakra.

This mudra is known to be practiced 40 – 60 minutes daily until you feel “cured”.  Remember that when you first begin with your mudras they may be difficult and perhaps holding for 5 minutes is all you can muster at that time.  That is ok too, and this is your practice, these are simply recommendations to get the full effect.

It is geared towards our throat chakra, our inner truth, the center for communication, expression but, also our authentic self.  This mudra for our fifth chakra is believed to aid in ear ache relief, and be beneficial to the deaf.  Helping with hearing as well as, our communication.


Practicing with your arms/hands set to receive.  It can be paired with its bija, Ham. Saying out loud or within the quiet of your mind.  Focusing on the bija for this chakra and what correlates directly to this chakra can aid in getting your body and mind right on track.  The Throat Chakra – Chakra Five is a good reference to go back on if you need a refresher on this particular chakra and what to focus on for the balancing of this chakra and what correlates directly to it, pairing with your mudra throughout your practice.

You can practice all the mudras during one practice, moving from the first through to the last or individually.  Once you are feeling comfortable with the mudras, they are also great to pair with the poses with which correlate to each chakra.

Please post any questions or thoughts below. If you tried it out, I would love to hear how you felt afterwards! If the picture is unclear to you on how to position your hand in this mudra, please let me know.
Namaste 🙂

3 thoughts on “Mudra for the Fifth Chakra

    1. Hello! The sound or bija paired with it is Ham. Can you send me a picture of the interlocking mudras you are finding and I will further research ☺️ ALL the mudras have amazing and extensive benefits.

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